The theme of the event on was on  Personal Finance and with two high calibre speakers discussing a range of issues that proved very beneficial for our members and families, no matter how modest or complicated the situation.

For example, were you aware that recently introduced EU Regulations allow you to CHOOSE the law applicable to your succession? Are you fully aware of all the possible deductions you can take advantage of when filing your income taxes each year?

Our first speaker, Kathy Pilkington spoke to us about estate planning and the key differences between drawing up a will in Spain or Ireland from a legal perspective. Kathy has kindly agreed to illustrate with some recent estate planning case studies.

Our second speaker was Rocío Lorenzo who spoke about income & capital gains tax. She discussed the various income tax rates in place, the deadlines you should be aware of and how your tax bill can be reduced by smart tax management and use of deductions. Rocio also explained the double taxation agreement in place between Ireland & Spain and how your residency is a huge factor in deciding the tax rate you pay.