We were delighted to have lifecoach Helmar Rodríguez from Clearness deliver a mini-workshop on Life 2.0 – The Human Operating System.

Over 40 members attended where they were presented with an introduction to tools for faceing the stresses of modern life based upon the 3 Principles of Intelligent Energy, Awareness and Mind Thinking. Helmar explained that we already have a built in operating system that is designed to help us navigate the day-to-day and by understanding how this system works, there may exist the potential to overturn our perspective, resolving issues and assumptions of our own limitations.

The talk presentation can be found here.

Helmar is an HR and design-thinking specialist who has worked with various large multinational companies such as Nestlé, SAP, Telefónica and Repsol over the past 25 years in supporting and consulting on HR processes, technology project roll-outs and innovation and Design Thinking workshops. In 2015, he founded Marpas Hills (www.marpashills.com) where he brings together his technological and business background with a humanist approach to support organisations and individuals develop their leadership, communication and innovation skills.

A special thank you to Gómez-Acebo & Pombo for hosting the event in their incredible offices and for inviting our members to a viño español after, which was much appreciated.